“Words don’t have any energy unless they spark or trigger an image.
The word in and of itself is nothing, nothing. One of the things I
keep in touch with is “What are the words that trigger images
for people?” then people follow the feeling of the image.”
Virginia Satir

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
Albert Einstein

Images and symbols are the language of the unconscious. It is simply the way the brain encodes information. Images are the content of our dreams during sleep and images are the symbols that are part of all mythologies. Symbols are encoded with vast reservoirs of energy such as the American flag, the eagle, and ancient symbols like the pyramids, the sphinx, a lotus flower or rose. Images are information that is processed by the brain. Just spend some time, as you are going through the activities of daily living ,such as driving a car, preparing a meal or just daydreaming and notice how much time you are seeing a video of your life, perhaps reviewing how you will ask your boss for a raise, or seeing yourself successfully approach someone you want to meet. We live in the external world and the internal world of the mind’s eye, in a land of energy charged images. Visually guided imagery are routine and effective techniques used by gold metal Olympic athletes, artists such as actors, painters, architects and writers. Imagery was the content of a dream of the structure of a benzene ring that won the scientist a Noble Peace Prize. Guided imagery is a powerful process used in medicine, including complementary treatment in many conditions including cancer, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, pain management, headaches and preparing for surgery.

The most important pharmacy in the world is your body and the brain has an important relationship to successfully running this body pharmacy. Guided imagery taps into the innate healing ability that we each contain and the brain is capable of utilizing imagery to strengthening the immune system, alter blood flow, create opiate like substances that reduce pain. The Chinese have known for thousands of years that energy follows thought and this has been increasingly documented by Western Science including our knowledge of neuroscience and quantum physics. The brain facilitated by guided imagery is capable of altering the function of every organ system in the body and assisting each of us in healing.